How Black Shonen came about

When I decided to write Black Shonen I treated it as my hobby. When I got fired from the job I thought was going to be my career Black Shonen became my lifeline. If I wasn’t going to be an english teacher, then a writer had to be the next destination. Fear crept in, told me I couldnt make it, that I would turn into a bum, never to experience love, and the good life, but I heard Juliet Valentine, my main character, speak and say, “You really think niggas wouldn’t like a girl like me, c’mon, I’m the baddest Swordswoman around.” I smirked and decided Black Shonen would be my life’s work. Black Shonen was the thing that was going to get me out of my depression and make a life for me where I could live comfortably. So I began to write, I asked my friend Kweli about character designs and how much they would cost, and I asked his fiance about a cover. I overheard Peter, a man I worked with at a vegan restaurant and had conversations as far as his freelance editing and marketing experiences, then took him on as a business partner along my wild journey. Finally we met Wendy who helped bring Black Shonen to the world. It took Five years to get where I am and it was a grand adventure.


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