My name is Sir Isaac and that’s all anyone really needs to know. I’m a fan of anime and manga, my favorite is the never ending story of One Piece. I have a bachelor’s in english, which help improved my writing skills by tons. Hope everyone can enjoy my world.

Character Illustration

Kweli Wilson is a Bay Area based Freelancer artist inspired heavily by numerous anime and videogames he has watched since childhood.

Cover Artwork

Editor, Business Partner

Peter Angelo is a Marketer at heart. I first took books (seriously) as an undergrad in Seattle, the home of many bookstores. Later in L.A. I worked on media creation and Marketing as a USC MBA and on graduating, I have Marketed/Written and Edited for nonprofits for years in the Bay Area as of late. I am lucky to do something I love! The Black Shonen book I know can inspire and entertain…meaning Young Adults of all ages!

Welcome Chris Newell to the Black Shonen Family, we will be helping each other rise to the top!

Chris Newell

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